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October 4th E-Mail about Lake Trace Water Level answered October 5th by Escalante

by Miss Libby

Posted on Tue Oct 10 2017

Lake Trace Fishermen contacted the Lake Hotline October 4th and here is what happened.

Your concerns about the temp fix on the dam (leakage and low water) were sent to Escalante and the issue was addressed, if not resolved yet. We are waiting to hear WHEN the monies will be approved and the two dam problems will be fixed.  With current rainy weather, the lake has come up a bit.  The TUFF Club will continue to seek answers to how Escalante plans to address silt control and dam repairs. Voice your concerns to Libby at 919-499-1300.

From Tim Hart: Let me assure you the dam is fine. "We have gotten prices to fix the valve but it has yet to be approved. Once approved we will complete that task. Until then we have left the drain plug out to keep the lake level down in case of a storm. Once we get past the storm season we will plug the hole and hopefully by that time the gate will be repaired as well. Until then this is our only way to help the homeowners who have issues with flooding during a storm. I am sorry I haven't communicated that. Every day I come thru the gate I tell myself to get an email out to convey this and everyday it seems I get busy and seem to forget. So thanks for the email. It reminds me I need to communicate a little better. I will let you know when we get the repairs complete. Thanks Tim Hart"

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