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January 2nd Meeting about ongoing Battle against the Quarry across Rt. 87

by Miss Libby

Posted on Thu Nov 09 2017

(Original post was Dec, 20th) Dear Trace fishermen and lake lovers, This e-mail below from Kay Coles was received via CTA Secretary David Smoak to all CTA Directors regarding the Sanford Herald article saying that the Court of Appeals reversed two decisions in OUR favor of denying a quarry a permit to do business across the road from Carolina Trace. We already got a Lee County Superior Court ruling in favor of NOT granting a permit, and previously the LC Board of Adjustment who voted 4 to 1 to NOT grant LLQ, LLC a permit. I plan to attend the Jan 2nd meeting to see how the LCBOC intend to deal with this slap in the face. They have already extended a 2 year moratorium on fracking (and mining permits). Here is info from our legal contact.


You may have heard by now that the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled that Little River LLC made a sufficient case to be granted a special use permit to build its proposed 377 acre quarry immediately west of Highway 87. It was a totally skewed decision that totally ignored any evidence offered by us or our experts. 


And it flies in the face of logic for the Court of Appeals to say, "If an applicant just says he will meet the standards, he must be given a permit" despite what the evidence is to the contrary.


The Lee County Commission is meeting January 2 at 6 p.m. at the County Government Center (106 Hillcrest in Sanford). The Commission will, at that time, discuss and decide whether to appeal this onerous ruling to the North Carolina Supreme Court.


We want to encourage them to appeal this decision. Please, if you can, plan to attend the County Commission meeting on January 2.


Too, you can contact County Commissioners in advance to tell them how disastrous this Court of Appeals ruling is and ask them to stand up for the health, welfare and safety of all Lee County by moving to appeal the ruling to the North Carolina Supreme Court.


Contact information for Lee County Commissioners can be found here:


Thanks. And Happy Holidays!


Best regards -




Kay Coles

177C Traceway

Sanford, NC 27332

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