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by Miss Libby

Posted on Thu Dec 01 2016

Two TUFF members became proactive when they noticed a new aquatic plant blossoming up Carr's Creek (at 18 Creek golf cart bridge) and in the Lakewood basin (on the right when you enter Lake Trace.) Please note that I am leaving contact details (phone#s, etc.) of the experts they found to help them identify these "good plants" which provide protection for young fish and help filter the water. Thanks Lee & Mike!
(Click on Read More and Gallery pictures to see captions.)
Thinking it might be the deadly invasive "alligator weed", Lee Amcher (GW) contacted Drew Long (336-212-2872) of Pond Services (pictured above taking samples in Carr Creek.)  Here is Drew's report: "After further examination of the aquatic weeds growing on the Lake Trace shoreline, an opinion has been formed that the majority of weeds are: HYDFROLEA QUADRIVALVIS, (water pod ) with a mixture of creeping water primrose." There is an abundance of these aquatic plants in Carr’s Creek by the #3 and #4 holes of the Creek Course. Parts of the creek are already being choked off. Other areas are between the number 3 and 18 bridges of the Creek Course and along the right side of the right entrance lake to Carolina Trace.

Mike Bentley (WM) connected with Rob Emens and here is the e-mail information he received. 
Thanks for contacting me.  You offered a good clue...  small purple flower.  Two plants come to mind.  Photos don’t show enough detail for me to differentiate. 
Water Willow (Justicia americana) has a somewhat delicate lavender and white flower.
Water Pod (Hydrolea quadrivalvis) has a purple flower.  As name suggests there will be very obvious seed pods....  and thorns on the bottom of leaves.
My guess is Hydrolea but you would need to look at them again.
Let me know what you see and/or take some close up photos or leaves, flower, or any other structure you find.
Rob Emens
From: "Emens, Rob" <>
Subject: RE: [External] Weeds in Carolina Trace
Date: September 13, 2018 at 7:40:18 PM EDT
To: Alton Bentley <>

It must be Hydrolea based on you finding thorns and I can see the seed pods in the photos.  This is a native plant....  it is unlikely that this plant will become a nuisance.  Having native plants like this thrive in your lake is a good sign.

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