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by Miss Libby

Posted on Wed Jul 31 2019

Lake Trace Summer Fishing Update

Very pleased to announce that 13-year-old Ezekiel Bucur (Stonegate N) caught a 24 inch largemouth bass on Monday at noon “up the creek” from the 18 Creek Golf Cart Bridge. (Note: Sizeable crappie have also been reported caught creekside near that bridge.)  

EZ has already qualified for our new 2019 Golden TUFF Lake Trace Fishing Award because he caught and released a Bass, Crappie, Bream and Catfish from his POA Stonegate pond. Any Trace youngster (lot owner family or renter) who catches any size fish in those four categories from Lake Trace,  their POA pond or Lake Arnold in Trace qualifies for the Golden TUFF.

Ezekiel had been in 2nd Place Bass with a 12 inch bass after Aidan Bailey caught a 21 incher out of Lakewood basin. Ezekiel's awesome catch catapults him into First Place Bass (TUFF Youth Division). Best news is he has started using artificial bait (green pumpkin trick worm) rather than live worms.  His mom Eunice shared with me that they had never really fished anywhere until they moved here. Very proud of EZ and school doesn't start until Aug. 26th. Hope more "KidCasters" will get involved.

BTW, in past weeks fishermen who braved the goose poop situation brought to the shore almost four pound and five pound bass from Lakewood basin and North Traceway Bridge. Check blogs below. Click on big pics in Photo Gallery for captions with details.

Despite this heat, there are fish to be caught in Lake Trace! Even the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission (NCWRC) agrees!

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