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Congratulations to our 2017 TUFF Derby Winners!

by Miss Libby

Posted on Mon Dec 11 2017

From left to right, our winners include: Don Facciolo (MC) 1st Place Bass, 1st Place Crappie & 2nd Place Catfish; TUFF Certificate of Excellence/Bass winner Buster Harrill (NS) accepted the 2nd Place Bass award for his friend Chuck Byrd (NS); Pam Zorn (SM) 2nd Place Crappie with her TUFF Certificate of Excellence/Bass; Jody Jackett (GN) accepted 1st Place Catfish award for Andrea Thompson of Wisconsin; Kip Chojnacki (HL) accepted for his grandchildren Karis & Kira of Washington, D.C. for their Bream wins at our April Fish for Fun lesson; and David Zorn with his TUFF Certificate of Excellence/Bass.

Front row: Congratulations to Elizabeth and Sarah Bender of Laurel Thicket who attended our April Fish for Fun lesson at the CTCC dock and landed a 10.5 and 11 inch catfish to garner Bronze and Silver Fish Medallions. Not shown is Andy Lee, our 1st Place Gold Medallion winner in the Catfish Category of our Youth Division. TUFF Kid Casters are awesome!

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To see the pictures of the winning catches and how, when and where they were caught, please e-mail me at and I will send you the four page pdf file called TUFF DERBY 2017 WINNERS PICTURE PARADE.

Our seasonal Derby runs from March 1st to November 15th every year, and it is open to everyone in Trace. Go to our Derby section to learn more. Everyone in Carolina Trace can register their catch! ( online form, go to Catches) If you own a home, rent a home, or own a lot in Carolina Trace, you are eligible to register your catch. Your extended family and friends/guests, if they are fishing with you are eligible. You do not need to be a member of TUFF or the Club either. Join the fun and win a fabulous prize and bragging rights! 


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Lake Trace Eagle Caught on Top Water Plug But Released Unharmed

by Miss Libby

Posted on Thu Nov 16 2017

Lake Trace Fishermen be advised!

On November 10th a CT resident fishing from shore cast a top water lure into the lake. He hadn't noticed a juvenile bald eagle perched in the trees behind him. The bird swooped down, hit his whopper plopper 45 feet out and got treble hooked in a talon. Of course this nature lover did not want to cut the line with the bird in such a fix. So it was reeled in and lifted out of the water with a fishing net.

The fisherman was able to get a hold on the bird's neck and shoulders and got the hook out. However, the real ordeal began when he got the bird's talons freed from the net. The eagle sunk its talons into his thigh and hand. Fortunately, it released its grip on his thigh but then used its free foot to latch onto his forearm! The man was able to get up, walk towards the house (with bird attached) and get his wife's attention. Together they were able to get the bird unlatched and control its feet. It was eased back in the lake, and after a few seconds, the young eagle flew away, apparently unharmed.  (Our brave fisherman confided that he's OK but not sure he'll be using that lure again anytime soon!)



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2017 TUFF Awards Presentation December 9th, CTCC dock at 10:30 a.m.

by Miss Libby

Posted on Thu Nov 16 2017

CHANGE OF VENUE. DUE TO SNOW PREDICTED, THIS EVENT HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE (NICE AND WARM) GOVERNOR'S ROOM IN THE BEAUTIFUL CAROLINA TRACE COUNTRY CLUB. Thank you Escalante! This Saturday (December 9th) why not swing by the CTCC to meet the winners in the Adult and Youth Divisions of our 2017 TUFF Fishing Derby which runs every year from March 1st to November 15th. It's a great way to find out about catching big bass and other kinds of fish in Lake Trace. A 13.5 pound and 13 pound largemouth bass garnered 1st and 2nd place this year. Lake Trace is an awesome fishery! Plus you can register your youngster for our free fishing lessons in 2018. We are looking for youngsters to teach from home-school, year-round and traditional calendar families. We provide equipment, bait and instruction from TUFF volunteers. We will be handing out five engraved plaques and four TUFF Certificates of Excellence to Adults and five Goodie Bags (with gold, silver or bronze fish medallions, fish ornaments, fish stickers, TUFF Certificates, candy) to youngsters who won. "Tis the season - so this event will take place in a timely fashion, so you can continue your holiday shopping and weekend errands by 11:15 a.m.! . Click on Read More to see awards you or your child may win if you register your catch. (See details under Catches section.) ...

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Update: How the Jan. 2nd meeting will work

by Miss Libby

Posted on Fri Nov 10 2017

This info was originally posted Prior to the meeting with the BOC. Big Trace turnout (nine residents spoke for an appeal) and Lee County BOC did vote unanimously to appeal to the NC Supreme Court. From Kay Cole: Here is an update to how this meeting will work. Please plan to attend the January 2 meeting of the Lee County Board of Commissioners at 6 p.m. at the Lee Government Center, 106 Hillcrest Drive. County Commissioners - at the beginning of the meeting - will take public comments. If you wish to encourage Commissioners to vote to appeal the Court of Appeals Little River Quarry decision to the Supreme Court you can sign up to speak (up to 3 minutes) before the start of their meeting. After public comment, Commissioners will take up regular business. There are only a few matters on their agenda. When they finish regular business, the Commissioners will go into Executive Session (closed to the public) with their attorneys to discuss the Little River court ruling. Commissioners then will return to OPEN SESSION to make any motions and to take any votes. This will be OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Under the Open Meetings law, all official business must be conducted IN PUBLIC. So, please plan to attend and stay for the entire County Commission meeting. ...

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January 2nd Meeting about ongoing Battle against the Quarry across Rt. 87

by Miss Libby

Posted on Thu Nov 09 2017

(Original post was Dec, 20th) Dear Trace fishermen and lake lovers, This e-mail below from Kay Coles was received via CTA Secretary David Smoak to all CTA Directors regarding the Sanford Herald article saying that the Court of Appeals reversed two decisions in OUR favor of denying a quarry a permit to do business across the road from Carolina Trace. We already got a Lee County Superior Court ruling in favor of NOT granting a permit, and previously the LC Board of Adjustment who voted 4 to 1 to NOT grant LLQ, LLC a permit. I plan to attend the Jan 2nd meeting to see how the LCBOC intend to deal with this slap in the face. They have already extended a 2 year moratorium on fracking (and mining permits). Here is info from our legal contact.


You may have heard by now that the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled that Little River LLC made a sufficient case to be granted a special use permit to build its proposed 377 acre quarry immediately west of Highway 87. It was a totally skewed decision that totally ignored any evidence offered by us or our experts. 


And it flies in the face of logic for the Court of Appeals to say, "If an applicant just says he will meet the standards, he must be given a permit" despite what the evidence is to the contrary.


The Lee County Commission is meeting January 2 at 6 p.m. at the County Government Center (106 Hillcrest in Sanford). The Commission will, at that time, discuss and decide whether to appeal this onerous ruling to the North Carolina Supreme Court.


We want to encourage them to appeal this decision. Please, if you can, plan to attend the County Commission meeting on January 2.


Too, you can contact County Commissioners in advance to tell them how disastrous this Court of Appeals ruling is and ...

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