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Quarry Appeal in Raleigh on Wednesday, Nov. 1st at 1:00 pm

by Miss Libby

Posted on Wed Oct 11 2017

Mark your calendars and attend if you can. This came in yesterday from the CTA Secretary:

Two important events impacting the potential future of the Little River Quarry and our community are moving forward and we wish to provide an update.

First, on October 16th, the Lee County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved, on first reading, a 2 year extension of the moratorium on new mines (quarries) and hydraulic fracturing. It is important to note that this action would stop a new application for a future quarry at the Little River site west of Highway 87 near Carolina Trace in the immediate future. The two year time frame allows the County Commission, and the Lee County Planning Board, to consider the updated Lee County Land Use Plan. Too, it provides time for a review of the safety standards needed to protect the public health and welfare in the vicinity of mines and quarries. County commissioners will take a final vote on the moratorium at their meeting on November 4.

Next, on Wednesday, November 1, the North Carolina Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments on Little River LLC's appeal of the Lee County Superior Court decision affirming the Lee County Board of Adjustment's decision to deny the special use permit for the quarry. The Court of Appeals hearing will be in Raleigh at the Court of Appeals building at One West Morgan Street beginning at 1 p.m. The hearing is open to the public and a strong show of support from our community to the judges would be great! After this legal judgement is hopefully decided in our favor, the next step would be the NC Supreme Court, and it would be extremely unusual for that court to decide to intervene, especially if we win at this level. ...


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October 4th E-Mail about Lake Trace Water Level answered October 5th by Escalante

by Miss Libby

Posted on Tue Oct 10 2017

Lake Trace Fishermen contacted the Lake Hotline October 4th and here is what happened.

Your concerns about the temp fix on the dam (leakage and low water) were sent to Escalante and the issue was addressed, if not resolved yet. We are waiting to hear WHEN the monies will be approved and the two dam problems will be fixed.  With current rainy weather, the lake has come up a bit.  The TUFF Club will continue to seek answers to how Escalante plans to address silt control and dam repairs. Voice your concerns to Libby at 919-499-1300.

From Tim Hart: Let me assure you the dam is fine. "We have gotten prices to fix the valve but it has yet to be approved. Once approved we will complete that task. Until then we have left the drain plug out to keep the lake level down in case of a storm. Once we get past the storm season we will plug the hole and hopefully by that time the gate will be repaired as well. Until then this is our only way to help the homeowners who have issues with flooding during a storm. I am sorry I haven't communicated that. Every day I come thru the gate I tell myself to get an email out to convey this and everyday it seems I get busy and seem to forget. So thanks for the email. It reminds me I need to communicate a little better. I will let you know when we get the repairs complete. Thanks Tim Hart"


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54 Fish Caught & Released during our September 28th Outing with First Baptist Youth!

by Miss Libby

Posted on Fri Oct 06 2017

On September 28th, Buster, Pepe and I enjoyed a second trip to two beautiful ponds off Route 421 to teach a new group of First Baptist Church youngsters in the fun art of fishing. Eleven middle school children in the year-round program had some time off and learned some knot-tying and equipment safety tips from Mr. Buster. We were blessed with another beautiful day and from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 54 fish were caught and released by this energetic group.  The girls caught the most with 27 giant bluegills and two bass, with the boys catching 21 bluegills and three bass (including the biggest bass.) Check out the smiles in our picture gallery! TUFF members had a blast again! :O)


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Lake Trace Big Bass Catches!!

by Miss Libby

Posted on Sun Oct 01 2017

Here are some gallery photos of Lake Trace incredible fishermen who have sent me pictures of their 2017 bass catches verified by witnesses, a digital scale or fish biologists and a picture -- which we know is worth a thousand words. To you guys I say...I am so proud of your skill in capturing these illusive beasts of Lake Trace! (All fish were released BTW). So our 2017 TUFF standings show your double digit lunkers currently in first and second place. These two fish add up to over 26 pounds!

Our seasonal TUFF Derby ends November 15th so there is a chance that one of you may be knocked off the TUFF Scoreboard by then. There's a State record 16 pound large mouth bass in Lake Trace I am sure!! (Don has seen it.) To the Lake Trace fishing folks who are reading this now .... go get her! Who knows? You may receive the coveted, newly designed, extremely handsome engraved TUFF plaque shown in the gallery below. There are other categories in the Adult and Youth Divisions.  Go to Catches to register for the Derby.

PS. My catch (shown above) was thirteen pounds, seven ounces, and the lucky date was March 10, 2013. She came up lethargically out of 16 feet in the chilly river channel below the Hidden Lake cove and the dam. She was blind in one eye and was barely hooked on a purple shad deep diving crank bait inherited from Barry Butzer's tackle that Nancy B gave me after Barry's passing in 2008. Barry had been Director of TUFF for 15 years. It was very serendipitous actually. Thank you Barry! The lunker measured at 27.25 inches long by 21.75 inches and the NCWRC fish biologist said she was over 13 years old. Witnessed and photographed by Sarge Alyies of Hidden Lake, this Grand Lady Of Lake Trace was released to spawn more Lunkers! Click on Read More to see the pictures and click on the picture to see names and other bass caught before our Derby started March 1st, plus our ...

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75 Fish Caught and Released at the August 23rd Outing with First Baptist Church Summer Kids Camp

by Miss Libby

Posted on Wed Sep 06 2017

Less than a week after we had 20 kids come from the Lee County Boys & Girls Club for a lesson at the CTCC dock, long-time TUFF member (and Co-Director) Buster Harrill volunteered our "fishing instruction" services on Wednesday, August 23rd, to the First Baptist Church Summer Kids Camp.  So, after a short fish safety and knot tying lesson by "Mr. Buster" at the church, he and"Miss Libby" were  OFF to the races with our bait & 19 poles to a LOVELY pond off Rt. 421 across from Frontier Spinning with 14 enthusiastic First Baptist youngsters.

In less than two hours, 75 fish were caught and released (BIG Bream and 12 inch Bass).

Awesome fish, awesome pond, awesome kids, awesome fun! We have already been invited back! Hope more TUFF members can join us next time.






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